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The summer days will soon arrive, and to cool off and enjoy, there's nothing better than having a pool at hand when the time comes. With this in mind, NATURPIEDRA offers the best options for covering these unique outdoor spaces with natural stone. Nothing is more durable, comfortable, and natural than stone for this purpose. It is a material that generally adapts perfectly to this function. It behaves well with water, even when occasionally used in the pool basin or as pool copings. Always considering the use of specific products for its installation (special elastic mortars for pools, waterproof and flexible joint mortars, treatments against humidity or mold formulated for stone).
Bioclimatic constructions, PassivHaus or Nearly Zero Consumption Buildings (ECCN), are buildings designed to offer high comfort to their users, as well as very low or almost zero energy consumption. Using for this the resources of bioclimatic architecture and design ideas focused on energy efficiency.
Natural cleft Phyllite naturpiedra has shown its beauty and durability over the past 5 centuries. This material from the slate family is extracted from the quarries of Bernardos, and is manufactured by the expert operators of our factory, who elaborate this material with particular care.
One of the main uses of JBernardos Phyllite in interior decorations is for the bathroom. It is a very versatile material that can be used as paving, wall covering or for accessory pieces such as shower trays, vanity tops, sinks, decorative shelves, etc.
Naturpiedra has made a new investment this year, in line with its commitment to sustainable development. Both at the headquarters in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid) and at the factory in Bernardos (Segovia), we have bet on the self-consumption of energy generated by photovoltaic solar systems, thus achieving significant energy savings and a much more ecological consumption. Installations carried out by Cambio Energético, a leading company and specialist in energy saving and renewable energies.
Naturpiedra has actively participated and collaborated in the two most important ephemeral landscaping projects undertaken in Madrid this year, in partnership with the architecture studio Burgos & Garrido.
Naturpiedra knows that when the summer season arrives, the outdoor environments of our homes become the protagonists. Within these outdoor spaces, there is one that can easily be enhanced with natural stone, the outdoor kitchen.
If you are planning to build or renovate a swimming pool, you must undoubtedly take into account natural stone, the star coating of designer swimming pools, a current trend but far from being a passing fad, in accordance with the long durability that this material offers you. The best professionals in the sector, architects, landscapers and swimming pool installation specialists, choose stone in their magnificent projects.
Within the materials that we can use to decorate our garden, stone finds a prominent place. Being a 100% natural material, it adapts perfectly to this type of landscaping. Probably the least ephemeral type of material used in gardens, which will serve us permanently or we can reuse in new compositions.
Humanity has used all types of rocks to erect all kinds of buildings since the Neolithic Revolution, when the first permanent settlements appear. Building was a vital necessity, and people used the rocks that were within easy reach, close to the settlements. Along the centuries, construction techniques were refined, giving birth to Architecture, the mixture of art and science that creates the human habitat. As early as the 1st century BC, Vitruvius describes architecture as the balance between three principles: Beauty, Firmness and Utility. This new concept of construction requires unique rocks with exceptional aesthetic attributes (Beauty), durable (Firmness), and can that be adapted to any shape that arise from the architect's imagination (Utility). Only a few rocks are capable of satisfactorily meeting these requirements. These rocks are reserved for the most important works, those that will speak of the greatness of a civilization for centuries to come. They are rocks that have their own entity, which is transferred to buildings. One example is Carrara marble, which over the centuries has shaped some of the greatest works in the history of art and architecture.
On June 5, Environment Day was celebrated, since it was established at the Stockholm Conference in 1977. Undoubtedly, the most important date on the United Nations environmental agenda, for the awareness of governments, companies and civil society, on the importance of promoting, with all possible means, the actions necessary to achieve an ecological and sustainable economy.
Natural slate has always been used as a material for roofing. Thanks to the possibility of splitting the slate into thin and light sheets, these are used for waterproof and durable roofings. The traditional installation of these slates is done by partially covering one slate on the other by installing them with nails or metal hooks to the roof.
Spring has arrived and with it the good times to enjoy the garden and the outdoors, where there is an increasing tendency to decorate these spaces with natural stone. Trend taken up by the biggest European landscapers also influenced by Karesansui Japanese Zen gardens. NATURPIEDRA, sensitive for years to this trend in landscaping, has in its range many products that provide solutions for this type of decoration and garden designs.
The PHYLLITE is a kind of metamorphic rock which includes the JBERNARDOS Phyllite which we extract, process and market in our own quarries and factory in Bernardos - Segovia. Traditionally known as Bernardos Slate, given the similarity in appearance and in part to the characteristics it shares with slates, such as its fissility in fine, regular strips.
NATURPIEDRA is not only a company that installs and markets natural stone, intended for the construction sector. This cycle begins upstream with the extraction and processing of stone in our quarries and factory in Bernardos, in the Segovia Area. quarries and factory in Bernardos, in the Segovia Area. Our daily task consists in extracting the best stone from our quarries of Phyllite and Slate from Bernardos and transforming it in our factories to adapt it to the different uses for which it will be intended.

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