Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.
Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.


One of the main uses of JBernardos Phyllite in interior decorations is for the bathroom. It is a very versatile material that can be used as paving, wall covering or for accessory pieces such as shower trays, vanity tops, sinks, decorative shelves, etc.

naturpiedra bathroom cladding in Phyllite

Fleeing the uniformity and repetitive decorations offered by other usual materials in bathrooms, thanks to JBernardos Phyllite, we obtain the unique and exclusive character of our project thanks to the veining so characteristic of this stone.

As a manufacturer, we adapt to the needs of your project. Not only for the elaboration of cut to size pieces, but also of the different formats and finishes available, which will offer different shades to an already unique natural material.

Another characteristic that makes JBernardos Phyllite a perfect material for use in bathrooms is its low porosity and its good behavior in the humid environments of toilets and bathrooms, requiring very little maintenance. By protecting it correctly at the end of the work, with specific anti-stain or water-repellent products, it will be very easy for us to keep it clean and maintain its initial appearance. Like any natural stone, it will acquire a patina over time, slowly, while retaining its initial beauty.

That’s why we can say that having Phyllite Jbernardos in your bathroom will give it added value, and a certain class and elegance, much longer than any other material. Try to imagine the bathroom of your dreams, and you will see how natural stone is a part of it. If you are looking for the elegance of dark tones, the unique veining that gives movement and light to space, then do not hesitate to incorporate Jbernardos Phyllite into your project.


We show you many examples of solutions incorporating this material in bathrooms, both private and public, so that you can give free rein to your own decorating ideas.