Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.
Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.


Among the various trends in garden decoration in which natural stone is used, the garden steps or Japanese steps; it may be one of the best known and appreciated.

They evoke the stone tile paths of Zen gardens, a type of dry garden that originated in Japan, with a simple composition, with two essential natural elements, aggregate and stone, whose objective is to increase and promote inner serenity and reduce stress through its beauty and elegance.

Natural stone being a fundamental component in this type of landscaping, as it could not be otherwise, Naturpiedra offers a wide range of products suitable for use as a Japanese step.

We show you the following as an example, among which a great variety of materials, formats, colors and textures abound.


Our flagship material adapts perfectly to this use, offering numerous formats (30×30, 40×40, 80×30, 75×40, trapezoidal) and finishes (sawn, aged, sandblasted).

Another format, very common in Zen gardens, is the circular one. With a diameter of 40 cm. we find this model made in natural texture and drum finish.


A material with warm yellow-ocher tones and a non-slip natural texture, made in a 90×60 format and sheared edges that highlight the naturalness of the material.


A marbled limestone in beige tones and a sandblasted finish, in 100×40 and 90×60 cm formats, which gives a bright and sophisticated touch.


Naturpiedra phyllite flagstones, specially selected for this use. Bernardos grey or multicolor slate or Copper Quartzite, to give a particularly rustic and natural look that only stone can offer in garden decoration.

If your budget is tight, you can also usually find items suitable for this use, outside the usual catalogue, at very affordable prices in our OUTLET section. Do not hesitate to ask us about it.

Get from this diverse range, the ideal product for your tastes and needs, with which you can achieve your desired project, which dresses in harmony and relaxation a space that is so important in your home for your well-being, as is your garden.