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Our Slate, Phyllite and Quartzite, offers proven quality not only by technological tests, but also by its monumental sustainability in our environment, in place for centuries. Since the King Felipe II began its extraction to cover the Roofs of the Monastery of El Escorial (1563), there are many Works in which its quality and resistance were demonstrated over time, as well as its beauty and aesthetic contribution to the most unique Projects .

Since our facilities in Segovia and in Madrid, we distribute an exclusive material that will give your Project a unique and inimitable touch, as only the natural Stone can offer.

In addition, we guarantee you the best service, by controlling the Quality at all levels, in strict compliance with the Quality standards in each Country. Our strength in the distribution of natural stone and our experience, are based on

Engorduro quarry, slate and phyllite

With an area of 74 Ha and a reserve of 2 000 000 tons.

Quarry El Castillo, Slate and Phyllite

with an operating 6 ha and an estimated reserve area of 250 000 tons

Quarry Cuesta Ayuso, Quartzite

with an area of 1.2 ha and a reserve of 550 000 tons

Factory in Bernardos - Segovia

More than 6000 m2 and modern machinery make it easier to maintain a high level of productivity. Our Warehouse surface area is 15 000 m2 and is composed of 500 items of natural Stone that are around 150 000 m2 of permanent Stocks to supply every kind of Projects.

Madrid headquarters: Showroom and logistic platform

Our main Offices and Showroom are in Villanueva del Pardillo (Madrid), with more than 7 000 m2 dedicated to indoor and outdoor Showroom, administrative Offices and a logistic Platform from where we distribute the widest range of natural Stones. In these Facilities you will appreciate many kinds of Stones and Textures and the different possible Uses. We also have technical rooms where we present the different existing Rocks, as well as the way in which we extract the Stone in our Quarries and how these are then transformed to adapt it to the desired use. On this site we have:

– Indoor and Outdoor Exhibition, Displays.
– Testing laboratory for our materials.
– Exhibition Room where we explain and show how we extract, process and give the final finishes to the Stones.
– Exhibition Room where we explain and show the different ways of Stone installation.
– A Logistic Dept. for National, Import and Export markets.
– An Export Dept.
– Warehouse with permanent Stock of more than 100 varieties of natural Stone.
– Machinery for cut to size Jobs.

Natural Stone Supply

Slates, phyllites, quartzites, limestones, sandstones, travertines, basalts are our main types of processed stones such as tiles, paving stones, irregular stone, blocks, slabs, pre-assembled panels, stairs, countertops, shower trays and cuttings in general.

Chemical products for the protection and maintenance of natural stone. Follow the indications prescribed by our finishing and maintenance department, ensuring beauty, durability and protection.

We take care of the logistics to get it to you anywhere in Spain.

Site Installation

We quote any work in natural stone advising you on the best choice of the type of stone according to the use, location and taste of our customers.

We have a team of professional stonemasons with great experience and know-how in the installation of any type of natural stone as well as a team of roofing experts who can develop the best work with various products in one of the most critical parts of any work: the roof.

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