Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.
Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.


Among the equipment of our dream house, among our wishes, there is always a space occupied by a swimming pool. These spaces that invite relaxation and pleasure in the water and the sun, and facilitate times of leisure and entertainment in our home.

For these installations that evoke beautiful natural spaces, nothing better than cladding them with a natural product such as stone. At Naturpiedra we offer a wide range of possibilities with different materials, from which you can choose the product that best suits your design and your needs.

From light tones to dark tones, with different kinds of stone we can provide solutions adapted to your needs to decorate these spaces: flooring for swimming pool deck, wall covering, cladding of the pool basin and even special pieces such as traditional copings or for infinity pools.

Tiles and copings in natural stone, with non-slip surfaces but very comfortable for walking barefoot. For example, the natural texture of Sabana Jbernardos stone in warm ocher tones, the Travertino Jbernardos drum finish with its characteristic pores, or the elegance of sandblasting with its finely rough and non-slip texture. This texture is presented as a novelty for this new summer season for swimming pools, in two of the stones from the Naturpiedra range.

  • Nacar Jbernardos sandblasted, with its beige tones and its characteristic grain, which bring great luminosity to the environment.
  • Grey Phyllite Jbernardos sandblasted: in a light gray tone which on contact with water becomes darker and reveals its iridescent veining, decorates the pool with a wave movement similar to that of sea waves.

In these two materials, we propose a 30 cm wide, with a thickness of 3 cm and soft edges, as well as their respective corner pieces in 45x45x3 cm format, and a corner circumference with a radius of 15 cm.

All these materials behave appropriately with swimming pool water, regardless of its purification system. They do not react with the usual disinfectants and they are easy to maintain and clean simply with high pressure water.

If you are thinking of installing a swimming pool in your home to enjoy the summer in complete freedom and without restrictions with your friends or family, do not hesitate to rely on our materials and our advice to obtain the best possible result.