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Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.
Leader in full service natural stone company. We have our own quarries and factories.


Natural cleft Phyllite naturpiedra has shown its beauty and durability over the past 5 centuries. This material from the slate family is extracted from the quarries of Bernardos, and is manufactured by the expert operators of our factory, who elaborate this material with particular care.

This product adapts perfectly to the most varied uses:

  • Waterproof and durable roofing slate, as seen in many slate roofs of national heritage buildings (Monastery of L’Escorial, for example)

  • Tiles sized for floors and wall coverings, both indoors and outdoors. Able to withstand all weather conditions without any type of alteration.
  • Special pieces for all kinds of decoration: fountains, borders and kerbs, stairs, worktops, washbasins, copings, tableware.

  • Strips for cladding, a modern finish that is a major current trend in decoration, both for exterior and interior cladding.

This finish is achieved by manually splitting the stone blocks along their cleavage planes. Characteristic common to metamorphic rocks of sedimentary origin and more precisely to the family of slates. This makes it possible to highlight the natural relief and roughness, characteristics of the cleaved or natural finish.

As a facade cladding, it achieves a perfect contrast with light-colored panels, emphasizing its rough texture. A highly waterproof material, which not only insulates against moisture, but also sound insulation and fireproof material.

As a paving, Phyllite is suitable for the most extreme conditions, both outdoors and indoors. Its natural relief makes it non-slip, in accordance with the standards with the highest value, suitable for public floors with heavy traffic. Its resistance to frost and sudden temperature changes makes it an ideal material, for example, for mountain areas.

To support its prescription in the most demanding projects, Phyllite naturpiedra has the Environmental Product Declaration – EPD which certifies both its particular physico-mechanical characteristics, as well as its low impact on the environment throughout its cycle of life.

A timeless material, which is still implemented in the most modern constructions, which we have the privilege of work with in our own quarries of Bernardos-Segovia with pride and responsibility, even more since the Phyllite naturpiedra was declared «Global World Heritage Stone” by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).