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From an architectural point of view, the commercial slate products can be classified based on the type of surface finish, colour and function in construction.



Bernardos slate comes in two different colours:

  • Shade medium grey
  • Multicolor

The grey slate represents the vast majority of the production. The multicoloured slate is cut in thick slabs in the break plane and its appearance is very interesting for certain uses such as masonry.


Bernardos slate can be used for the elaboration of different final products: paving stones, tiles for the floor and for stairs, laminates, masonry and stone slabs, slate for roofing, etc. All of these products can be used for various construction solutions of today’s modern and traditional architecture.

It must be noted that Bernardos slate offers certain distinctive characteristics:

– Good mechanical behaviour.
– Stronger metamorphism with tectonic compression.
– Lower sensitivity to degradation.
– Excellent behaviour when subjected to frost.
– No risk of chromatic alternation due to oxidation.

In addition to its intrinsic characteristics, one additional singularity to this natural stone comes from the deep-rooted mindset of the local manufacturers, whose expertise and knowledge of the materials has been transmitted for generations.

The products currently elaborated with the slate can be classified into three different groups:

– Slate products subject to the Regulation on construction products.
– Slate products subject to UNE norms.
– Other slate products not subject to regulatory framework.