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Quarries and factory of phyllite, slate and quartzite

The JBernardos Quarries



Naturpiedra JBERNARDOS has the privilege to operate the oldest Slate quarries in Spain, with 500 years of history. The first prescriber of Slate in Spain was the king Felipe II, who during his travels in Flanders and Germany between 1556 and 1559 enjoyed the roofs covered by Slate. Between 1559 and 1562 slate roofers reached Bernardos - Segovia from throughout Europe to work on the royal project of El Escorial Monastery. The Slate from Bernardos was chosen for its quality, durability as well as its lead gray color and its characteristic grain. Since then, the Bernardos’ Slate demonstrated its durability and beauty, on the most beautiful masterpieces of the history of Spanish architecture. From these oldest Slate Quarries in Spain, we present a noble and exclusive natural Stone with exceptional physical-mechanical qualities that was formed more than 550 million years ago during the Pre-Cambrian era: The Jbernardos’ Phyllite. Thanks to a longer metamorphism than the Slate, subjected to an

incredible heat and pressure,Phyllite is stronger and denser than the traditional slate and other stones. That allows innovatives surface finishes: sandblasted, brushed, tumbled, flamed, providing solutions in flooring, cladding, countertops, slabs for ventilated facades, cobbles, roofing, cut to sizes Jobs (kitchen and bath tops, showe tray). Since our 3 Quarries and our factory in Bernardos, we guarantee the best service, controlling quality and the selection at all levels of the process, rea-ching the highest results to the standard tests of the most demanding markets: EC Certificate with class A1/T1/S1 and in USA, ASTM with the highest class S1, 75 years lifetime. Since our main showroom and office and logistic Headquarters in Villanueva del Pardillo-Madrid, we provide practical solutions for projects of builders, architects, designers and distributors , and we supply the most diverse range of stones, sizes and finishes, carefully selected in our own quarries or others national and international quarries we work with.

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